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Update time

I’ve been terribly slack on the blogging side of things. I haven’t been slack on the woolly side though.
Clessidra is plodding along…slowly. I do a few rows here and there. I’ll finish at least one sock one day.

Summer requested a rainbow penguin for her birthday.


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It’s been a while between posts, but I have been rather busy with work, study, kids, house renovations etc. That doesn’t mean I didn’t knit (or crochet) in the mean time. I’m posting from my iPhone, so I don’t know how the photo will turn out, but I’ll give it a go.
It’s a pattern called “Moch Cardi” (sorry, don’t know how to do links) done in 8 ply Cleckheaton Machine Wash. I have many other finished objects to post, and will do so soon (really!)

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Clessidra is on thin ice

I’m still plodding along on Clessidra. I wish it was finished, they would have gone very nicely with today’s outfit. I seriously considered ripping them it out a couple of weeks ago. It’s just so bloody fiddly. But I was talked out of such rash action, and thus I am still at it.

Here’s a progress pic:


This is only the first sock. And they’re knee highs. I’m still not convinced it’s worth continuing,¬† but I’ll keep going for a little while.

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Enter the entrelac!

I actually knitted this last year (I think – maybe it was the year before?), but in an effort to keep up with the bloggy goodness, I thought it was worthy of inclusion. It was great fun to knit, but unfortunately I don’t actually like the finished product! It’s mainly the front bands and collar that I’m not keen on, so I might see if I can take that off and re-do it. Otherwise, I’ll save it for a rainy day and rip the whole thing out.

It’s not the thing you knit, but the knit itself!

(with apologies to Chris-in-the-morning. Yes I’ve been having a little Northern Exposure revival)

And here’s a close-up

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I’m baaaaaaaaack!!

Sorry it’s been so long between pics. Life got a bit hectic for a while there.

Crafty-wise, I’ve been busy. I did a class on continental knitting, which was fabulous. It makes 1×1 ribbing absolutely zip along. My tension is still a bit off, mainly because when I hold the wool in my left hand it wants to crochet, not knit.

I crocheted a lovely stole for Grandma for her birthday, but I forgot to take a photo (Oh, the shame!) I will remedy that next time I see her.

It’s in a similar wool to this, which is a scarf I made Mum last year. Mum says she gets endless compliments on it, which is rather nice for the ego.

I’ve been working on a couple of things for the girls. I’m still going on Willow’s cardi, and I’m frantically trying to finish it so a) she can wear it while there’s still a bit of cardi weather (though I made it nice and big so it will fit her next winter) and b) so I can get going on my next project, which is the tree jumper. Mine will be in green, of course. I’ve also started a crocheted vest, mainly for a break from knitting.

This is Summer’s vest. There’s no point making her jumpers as she just gets too hot, but she does like a hoodie. The pattern is a plain hooded vest from a Panda kids 8ply pattern book. I added the cables in. The cables are hugs and kisses (X and 0), with sparkles in the cables and edging, as per Summer’s request. The rainbow wool was her request also.

That’ll do for now, but I promise to be a more diligent blogger in future!

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Must Have Cardi – Done!

Well, the Must Have can be ticked off the list. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.
Must Have Cardi

I had to tweak the sleeves a bit as the pattern was written for lithe young things with skinny arms.
I am not lithe, I am not young and my arms are not skinny!
I may have to do another one day soon, in another colour.

Meanwhile, I am filling orders from the children, but for my next project, I think I’ll do this
I’ll do it in either mauve or green, and I think I’ll change the spider on the back to something else, and I may not do the shaping at the waist. Plus I think I’ll change the hem as well, but you get the basic idea. It’s the tree and the cabled hood that I really like.

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Intellectual highs and lows

Yesterday was a day of intellectual highs and lows. The high was getting 100% on an online quiz that’s worth 30% of my mark for that subject. Yay me.

The low was emailing The Knittery to ask politely where my wool is, and realising I’d left a digit off my address when I ordered, so the parcel had gone to a house at the other end of the street.

So I traipsed down, and luckily they still had it. They just hadn’t got around to sending it back. They looked at me like I was a mad woman, but at least I got my wool. And pretty, pretty wool it is. As usual my poxy camera isn’t showing the colour as accurately as it could. The green is a deeper than that. I think I’ll ask for a camera for my birthday.

I finished the Express Lane sock. This is a pic of it nearly¬† finished. I’m not as happy with it as I could be. I’m not sure why. I think the colours aren’t looking as good as I thought they would. I’ll put it aside for a while while I finish the Must Have, and get going on Clessidra with the Knittery wool. I may even rip it out and do a pair of socks each for the girls. It’s such lovely soft wool, they’ll love it.

I made Mum a Sweet Pea shawl from the Stitch & Bitch: The Happy Hooker book for Mother’s Day. She loves it, and I’m happy with how it turned out. I’ll put up a pic soon.

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