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May the Force be with you.

Summer was recently invited to a party with a theme of “dress as your favourite Star Wars or Indiana Jones character”. So here I present to you Princess Leia.


Her dress is a 2 metre length of cheesecloth I bought years ago for some long forgotten purpose. I cut a hole in the middle for the head, and tied it at the waist with a sash that rather conveniently matched the light sabre.

Summer’s hair isn’t quite long enough for what I considered to be an adequate Princess Leia hairdo, plus I am completely incapable of doing things by halves so I made her some buns.

leia-hairI plaited several lengths of black wool into two long plaits, rolled them up, hand sewed them into position and then sewed them on to a head band I made by cutting a strip off the leg of a pair of pantyhose that was fairly close to Summer’s hair colour.

She looked gorgeous, of course.


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