I’m baaaaaaaaack!!

Sorry it’s been so long between pics. Life got a bit hectic for a while there.

Crafty-wise, I’ve been busy. I did a class on continental knitting, which was fabulous. It makes 1×1 ribbing absolutely zip along. My tension is still a bit off, mainly because when I hold the wool in my left hand it wants to crochet, not knit.

I crocheted a lovely stole for Grandma for her birthday, but I forgot to take a photo (Oh, the shame!) I will remedy that next time I see her.

It’s in a similar wool to this, which is a scarf I made Mum last year. Mum says she gets endless compliments on it, which is rather nice for the ego.

I’ve been working on a couple of things for the girls. I’m still going on Willow’s cardi, and I’m frantically trying to finish it so a) she can wear it while there’s still a bit of cardi weather (though I made it nice and big so it will fit her next winter) and b) so I can get going on my next project, which is the tree jumper. Mine will be in green, of course. I’ve also started a crocheted vest, mainly for a break from knitting.

This is Summer’s vest. There’s no point making her jumpers as she just gets too hot, but she does like a hoodie. The pattern is a plain hooded vest from a Panda kids 8ply pattern book. I added the cables in. The cables are hugs and kisses (X and 0), with sparkles in the cables and edging, as per Summer’s request. The rainbow wool was her request also.

That’ll do for now, but I promise to be a more diligent blogger in future!


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  1. 1

    TheCrone said,

    Oh I love that scarf and have been looking for the pattern for it for ages! I found a link but lost it.

    Glad you’re back, I was considering hassling you ‘elsewhere’


  2. 2

    Cylie said,

    About time!!!!
    Love the cable and can’t wait to see the fingers fly with your continental knitting style.

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