The Grey Wool of Dooooooommmmm…….

How slack am I? Life got very busy for a while there, with uni and house renovations etc.
But uni is now done for the semester, and the house is being rather skilfully painted by Mark. Paint and I do not mix well (I tend to fling it all over the place), so I am currently exempt from that activity.
Crafty wise, I have been busy, so will update over the next few days.
To start with, here is the Grey Wool of Doooommmm.

Why “The Grey Wool of Dooooommmm” I hear you ask?
Well, I decided I needed a hat, and that this wool would do nicely. It’s a good neutral hat colour, and it’s nice and soft and drapey.
I have started no less than four different hats with this wool, and none of them have worked. Too big, too small, awkward pattern … they’ve all been doomed.
In the photo, to the left  is a slouchy hat that turned out too small.  To the right is a beret that I have made twice before and it’s worked out beautifully. This time, the first one worked out way too big, and the second go worked out too small.

So for now, I give up. The wool is obviously doomed.
It can skulk in the back of the drawer for a while.


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