More Past Works of Woolly Goodness

Right, the presentation is out of the way and I now have about a week before I have any major uni stuff to do, so it’s all systems go on the current Woolly Works In Progress. I haven’t yet done progress pics of them, so here are some past works of woolly goodness.

This is one of my favourite jumpers. I made it about 10 years ago. I really like the cable rib on the bottom and sleeves. It’s a much prettier green than the photo shows.

This is Sonnet from Knitty. I changed the garter stitch to stocking stitch, changed the lace pattern and added a garter stitch edging, which gave it a bit of a ripple effect that I rather like. So really, it’s more free verse than sonnet.


This is a beret I made last year in an attempt to use some of my wool stash. I’ve also made one in purple for Summer at her request. This one’s in Zhivago, so it’s wonderfully soft and floppy. Fun pattern, too. I think I might make another one.

This is one I finished while pregnant with Willow, so it’s nearly 8 years old. It’s a lot more purple (purpler?) than the pic shows. I really must learn how to use Mark’s whizz-bang camera.

Here’s a close up of the cables (Can you tell I like doing cables?)

I promise I will do progress pics of current WIPs very soon. Oh, and added to the list of things I need to knit is a pair of gloves tailored to Mark’s specifications, including taking the missing half-finger into account.


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