Socky goodness; vesty goodness; woolly mail goodness…just goodness all round, really!

Well, I finished the socks. One is slightly longer than the other,  but only they’re for me so I don’t care. Next time I’ll count rows a bit more carefully. I tried a 3 needle cast-off on the second sock rather than grafting the toe. It was easier, but the grafting definitely loks better.

Socky goodness

I also finished Vestivus. That was a good bit of almost instant gratification. I still have several balls of wool left over, so I feel a scarf coming on. Either that or I’ll whack some sleeves on Vestivus and call it Cardiganius.

I got a lovely big parcel of wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills. Love the gigantic 200 gram balls. I couldn’t wait, so I started the Must Have Cardi, which is coming along nicely. The colour is just ace.

I am doing the back and fronts of the cardi in the round on one circular needle, to save seam sewing at the end.

I have also finished the Flower Petal shawl, piccies soon.


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    Cylie said,

    I’m lovin’ the green!!! Socks are very cool and the vest……well. It’s just you!!!

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