The new, improved castle.

I made another castle bag (the other one was just too floppy), and this one is a vast improvement.



It has lots of vines growing around it, and 2 long vines for handles, which hold the roof on, as seen in the action shot.


Summer loved the finger puppets for her birthday (OMG, my baby is 6!!), though she requested a handsome prince as well as the knight in shining armour. So I made a handsome prince. He wears his crown at a rakish angle, and his hair is slightly messy for that “wind in your hair” look.


Now she thinks he should have a sword, and the witch should have a broom. I can see this rapidly getting out of control.


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  1. 1

    Oh, the castle is so cute! I love how it is constructed and how the vines go over the stone walls. Is there a pattern?
    I also think a sword would be perfect for the little prince!

  2. 2

    waitingforgoth said,

    Thanks for that! I think a sword will be forthcoming. The castle pattern this is based on is here:
    I have also edited the post to provide a link to the original post, which contains a link to the castle pattern.

  3. 3

    Biz said,

    Hey! I love the adaptation to the castle! Great work!

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