Quilty goodness of the small variety.

I finally got my act together and finshed the quilts for Puppy & Dogdog.

The girls are very pleased.

Here’s Puppy’s quilt:


And here’s Dogdog’s:


There’s barely a straight seam between them, but Puppy & Dogdog don’t mind.

Here’s Dogdog enjoying his quilt:


And here’s Puppy posing on his:


Here’s what happens when you don’t concentrate (surprise, surprise…):


I will soon begin a couple of other quilts I have planned. But I think I shall call upon The Fantabulous Cylie for assistance, given the general wonkiness and rather freeform nature of the 2 two mini-quilts.


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  1. 1

    Cylie said,

    Well, umm…..everyone has to start somewhere. I see some straight lines and they are good colour choices. See, you did something things ok 🙂

  2. 2

    waitingforgoth said,

    LOL, there’s a few straight lines there, but not many. This is why I’m going to beg your assistance for Grandma’s Mother’s Day lap quilt. (and maybe Mum’s too…) Is there such a thing as Freeform Quilting?

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